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Your Child

Horse-Assisted Programs and a FREE Resource to Boost Your Child's Confidence and Leadership Skills

 Is your child struggling to come out of their shell? Do they lack confidence in social situations?

Watching your child struggle with shyness can be heart-wrenching. It affects their ability to forge relationships, involve themselves in group activities, and fully engage in life's opportunities.


Our program offers a unique approach to building confidence and leadership skills with the help of our wise horse teachers. Through interactive sessions, children learn to overcome fears, communicate effectively, and thrive in a team setting.


Imagine your child confidently speaking up in class, making new friends with ease, and taking on leadership roles with enthusiasm. That's the transformation we see here at The Sage Mustang.


We’re a mission to help empower children, and that is why we’re giving you an Empower Your Child guide that you can download today. This valuable resource is packed with insights on empowerment, exercises that you can do with your child right away, and it also showcases methods that we use here at the ranch to develop these critical skills.

Also take a look through our current programs to see if there is a fit for your family. Working with our horse teachers is a magical experience that your child will never forget.

Ready to empower your child? Simply enter your email below to download your FREE Empower Your Child resource and start building confidence and leadership skills in your child today.


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Our Curriculum

Our Equine Assisted Learning Program takes a building-blocks approach to skills development. We work with one solid objective at a time, but all objectives are built into each block so that our entire skillset is nurtured throughout the length of the program. The skills we develop are part of what we call our Armour of Skills:

✅  Trust

✅ Team work

✅ Negotiation

✅ Articulation

✅ Body Language

✅ Boundaries

✅ Respect

✅ Self Esteem

✅ Communication

✅ Focus

✅ Leadership

✅ Creativity

✅ Problem Solving

✅ Choice

✅ Empathy

✅ Confidence

✅ Observation

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