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The Sage Mustangs: Life Skills Development Centre


Discover the story behind The Sage Mustang 

and how we began.


Hi, I'm Sandy Graham.

I grew up on a ranch in southern Alberta and horses have always been a part of my life. I am a wife and the mother of two wonderful young adults. I am also a teacher and a lifelong learner because I believe that knowledge is required for wisdom and this is an important part of who I am. Helping people through working with horses has always interested me but everything must happen in its own time so the idea percolated in the background for a long while. When I came across the equine assisted learning program, I knew I had found my niche. Horses teaching humans; I cannot think of a better partnership!

Meet Sandy Graham

Gain Lasting Results With Our Skills Programs

Transform Your Life.

We help people to understand the different techniques and approaches that are required for change! Not only do we help our participants to learn fundamental life skills, we also help them through experiential learning, to actively apply these skills in their life by working with our horses. It is an imperative support to your child's learning, or in your organization's programming, in that it allows people to make the changes that they need for their lives - not because a person told them too - but because they made the choice themselves to achieve a different outcome.

The Sage Mustangs: Life Skills Development Centre

Meet Our Horses

Meet Our Horses


Previously Untouched Wild Mustangs

All of our teachers, the horses, originated from a herd of previously untouched wild mustangs and each one is a superstar.


The original herd was used to haul the coal cars through the tunnels within the coal mines in the Drumheller Valley. They had to be below a certain height because the tunnels were as tall as the coal seams in the mines. These ponies were called Pit Ponies, because their job was to work in the mine pits, and they were perfect for the job because they were strong, smart little equines. Nowadays, though, this is a heritage herd that roams freely on a ranch in southern Alberta.

Our teachers have a quiet, even temperament and are incredibly kind - making them extraordinary teachers. They are non-judgemental, as they have no preconceived ideas of humans before coming to The Sage Mustang!

Bluey is the lead mare in the horse herd. Although she has a sweet and forgiving personality, she will not easily give her heart away. She will hang back until she is sure that you are trustworthy. To earn her trust, she expects you to be consistent in your approach.


Meet Our Teacher


As the leader of the horse herd, Fox takes his job very seriously. He knows his own mind and he commands respect from his horse herd mates. In turn, Fox is respectful, calm, and very gentle, and he loves scratches and snuggles. He has a kind eye and he is a very patient guy.


Meet Our Teacher


While not old enough yet to take part in the program, Hope is an important member of the horse herd. Although an orphan, her herd mates collectively keep her safe now. She is quiet and calm and will be a great Equine Assisted Learning horse when she is older.


Meet Our Teacher


Another gelding, Angus is second in command in the horse herd. He is very vocal and will be the first to say hello and come to greet his people. While friendly and very affectionate, he can also be a bit bossy so he will inspire you to be clear and concise in your communication.


Meet Our Teacher

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